Different Model Bunk Bed Mattress Sizes

Bunk beds are not as common today as they once were. There are probably more explanations for why you would need to have more than one bed at home than there are people who actually have to have them. However, bunk beds are still quite popular and are used in many different settings. Some of the most common places you will see them are in military units, hospitals, military bases, hostels and other places where multiple persons need to share a bedroom.

The main problem with bunk beds is that sometimes the people who sleep on the bottom suffer from safety hazards because of the height of the mattresses. Because the beds are so high, they can be difficult for shorter people to get into and sometimes longer ones have trouble getting down on the bottom. There have also been some instances where people have fallen off of bunk beds because of the height. If you have shorter children or are a shorter person yourself, it can be very dangerous if you have to reach high to put your legs on the bed.

One solution to the safety issues of bunk beds is to use a ladder. There are actually many different types of ladders to use on these beds including: traditional flat, French cut, inflatable and/or recessed. You can purchase a ladder that is specifically designed to be used on this type of bed, or you may choose to purchase an all-purpose ladder that can be adjusted to fit any bedroom.

Another safety issue with bunk beds occurs if someone is unable to reach the top bunk with a ladder. In order to prevent injuries such as head trauma, it is recommended that the ladder is angled. An angled ladder will provide more stability and reduce the chance that someone will slip from the side. It can also be very helpful if there is not a lot of room at the top for a ladder so that someone will not be accidentally thrown off.

If you have a smaller bedroom space, then shorty bunk beds is not right for you. Although they are not tall enough to really take advantage of the attic space, they are short enough to still allow for plenty of storage underneath. If you wish to install a double bed, you can install two twin mattresses instead of one. This is a great way to save room, even if it means that you will be sleeping on the floor. A twin mattress on each side of the shorty bunk beds is a much more efficient use of space. You can get more information about Best bunk beds for twins family

Although bunk beds with twin size beds are typically larger in size than other models, it is still possible to find them in twin size. You should shop at your local bedding stores or online. The internet is usually a good place to start. Just remember to measure carefully against the measurements given on the website to ensure that you purchase the correct size.

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