Water curing actually alters the chemical construction of the plant

Simply put your material in a french press with some water (ideally reverse osmosis but plain ol’ tap water will be fine, too). Water curing actually alters the chemical construction of the plant. The process of water curing dilutes the strong flavor of the chlorophyll on the plant. When you water cure, the tiny hair-like structures on the plant fall off. Well those little hairs are what pack the biggest flavor punch — in a bad way.

After the first day you won’t need to change the water quite as often, I changed it twice daily after the first day. Place the AVB on the cheesecloth and tie up the ends. Repeat this step a couple of times so there are no gaps or spaces where AVB can slip through.

BUT through a bit of online research, I was introduced to a new procedure that I would swap in for the decarb process. I added my stem cleaning Spirytus to cover some water cure abv. It has been sitting in a dark cupboard for almost a week now, soon i will drain off and filter, and hopefully reduce by 50%. Do i also benefit from water cure even when i reuse it it my vape? As mentioned above, i have less but more potent material.

I have to assume that the bug got into the french press. You can smoke vaped weed if you don’t mind a smoke that’s not as flavorful as usual. A lot of the terpenes in the weed are lost during the vaping process, so the smoke can be less fragrant and flavorful.

I just used a smaller mason jar and my hand covered it enough that I didn’t even need to strain it to dump the water out and it was quite simple. It made a huge difference in terms of unpleasant smell. Repeat this every few hours for the first day, or whenever you see the water getting brown and murky.

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